Time to Focus

Lowell Wightman, PhD, a renowned Mental Conditioning Consultant and founder of 360 Mindset, has transformed a tool that he uses with athletes and executives into an additive game that can help you gain the mental edge you need.

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Get your brain ready to process precise action quickly.


Who should Try?


Athletes preparing for practice or a game.

Students getting ready for a test.

Anyone who is preparing for an important speech or conversation requiring all brain cells on deck.

Military and security preparing for training or risky engagement.


How TTF works?


You have up to 63 numbers randomly placed on the screen depending on the device that you are using. Between each session the number placements are scrambled. When you get 5 double digit scores you move up to a higher level BRAIN challenge.


The higher challenges will have colored numbers, numbers that spin, and even a screen that will flash. The Time to Focus is NOW because the BRAIN Challenge is constant. To Be Focused is a Decision & Results are a Process. Make the Time to Focus!

"There are many great ideas for Apps that never gain a following. Brett's skill at intersecting programming skills with a clear understanding of application purpose sets him apart from his peers. It is this compliment of skills and traits that offers Brett as a key resource for increasing App downloads."


Lowell Wightman

Yes Self Storage

The Yes Self storage app is your solution to keeping up with all of your units that you have with Yes Self Storage.


Keep track of what units you have, the lock combinations and items that you have in the units.


Do you need a new storage unit?


No problem.  You can rent and complete the paperwork for that storage unit in the app.  The only thing you need to do next is go to that storage unit location and confirm.

Smart Lift System

Have you just received the Smart Lift Vest?  Now you need a resource to turn to for proper use of the device.  The Smart Lift System App is the right thing for you.


You can learn how to use the vest correctly for the position that the person is in through videos or written directions.


You can also call and email Smart Lift System directly within the app.

This was my debut app.  I developed it when I was 15 years old.  Keep that in mind if you decide to download the app.


In Gopher Adventures, lead your gopher - using touch controls - through an underground adventure consuming seeds and worms while avoiding lethal rocks. Digitally inspired tunes keep you energized to stay the course and conquer each level.


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